Where do I even begin?

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    I agree with the above except if you can get the fee together in 3 months you can avoid the HCEO becoming a nuisance again.

    The potential problem with stopping utility/council tax payments is the joint liability.

    A UC advance is a provable debt in bankruptcy

    An advance of benefit available is under the Universal Credit system (known as a Payment on Account).

    When a payment is made, Universal Credit payments are subsequently reduced for a period of time until the Payment on Account is accounted for, typically over 6 or 12 months. Universal Credit payments then resume normal levels.

    Following a bankruptcy any sums due in relation to a Payment on Account would be considered to be a provable debt and the DWP should not recover the outstanding sums from the bankrupt, including by way of reduced benefit payments.

  • Thanks so much for the advice everyone! I have taken your comments onboard and will start making payments towards the bankruptcy fee :smile: 

    Hopefully I will be able to get it paid before the HCEO becomes an issue again, but a telephone hearing has been set in regards to my application to set it aside which is good news!
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