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Is this company for real? I have just seen their advert and was  quite tempted. Thought I should check first. www.the labrador. com              


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    No idea if legit. From what they claim they get money from you signing up to a new supplier through them via gocompare, you give them all your meter reading & probably other data and they pay you if you've used less than what your charged for
    + somehow turning you energy supply net zero?  *confused* 

    eta: this is the company that came up on googling thelabrador (apart from sites about Labradors) doesn't lead anywhere

    if right company/scheme & it is legit (web site design is making me go hmm but not sure why), 
    there's two things to possibly be wary of - faq says they're currently paying people out of their own pocket, so possibly could quickly run out of money if they get too popular too soon.

    " At the moment, we’re going to pay you out of our own pocket to prove this value to energy suppliers and the wider market. Because even when prices come down again, there is always going to be value in better understanding what energy you use and when. We want to ensure that value gets passed back to you."
    Plus there's a referral scheme so it's going to be harder to find unbiased/honest opinions from customers. 

    eta2: reading a bit more, it seems to be partially a cross between cashback & a energy switching site (plus encouraging people to use less energy and companies to be more environmental friendly)

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