MSE Poll: What items do you buy second-hand?

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Poll started 8 March 2022

It's cheap and environmentally friendly, yet some people think only new will do. So this week, we want to know what items are you happy to buy second-hand?

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    As I went through the poll, I recalled all the things I've had second hand through the years from getting our first house and filling it with family cast off furniture to cars, boats and leisure equipment through life and all the various things more recently as OH cleared and refurbished house and office lets or a friends grandparent's home or got surplus materials from working on sites. My second freezer has just broken but it was my Mum's and I've had it twelve years since she passed away. Too good to throw out is a regular phrase here. And even the lovely picture on the wall is secondhand - found at a market and given to us as a gift, knowing we'd like it. Old is good.
  • ginger_chocolateginger_chocolate Forumite
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    It shifts though doesn't it?

    Things like books, furniture and clothes (excluding underwear) I actually enjoy buying secondhand and would probably continue to do so even if money was no object. The unique find and the history of the item is part of the attraction.

    Things like electrical appliances i have bought secondhand in the past because I was skint and didn't have much choice, and I would do so again if I needed to,  but given the option I would prefer to have new - it feels more reliable and safer.
  • I'm really shocked by how low the figures here are in all categories!  What on earth is so wrong with second hand stuff?  It's not even necessarily a case of money-saving but a case of not wasting anything, although I must admit in a forum of money savers I did expect MUCH higher figures!  The only things I said no to was beauty items and car seats, for hygiene/safety reasons!  Literally everything else I have bought or been given second hand in the past, and would do so again.
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