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Deadline to sign up to the Government's new Healthy Start system looms

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Low income households eligible for the Government's Healthy Start vouchers have just a few days to apply for a prepaid card to avoid missing out on payments.

Read the full story:

Deadline to sign up to the Government's new Healthy Start system looms but those eligible have faced big problems applying

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    Whilst it's not great for those who have had problems with cards already received, why do people always leave things to the last minute to sort out?

    Also, very misleading language in the report over the costs of the help line.

    "People have also complained that when phoning the Healthy Start helpline, which costs up to 55p a minute, they have been unable to get through, they've been left on hold for long periods of time, or even been cut off."

    Whilst factually correct, the helpline phone numbers are 0300/0191. NHSBSA have nothing to do with setting the price of these calls. If someone is paying 55p/min it's because that is what their network provider is charging them.

    Rather than making NHSBSA out the be the bad guy, why doesn't MSE do what they claim to do and help people save money. If your network provider is charging 55p/min they're ripping you off, ditch them and use a cheaper provider.

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