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I have a large package with Virgin Media and now we are retired and bills going up it was time to downsize.  OOPs  No cannot downsize online BUT can upsize.  After numerous times trying to get through to Virgin eventually after a long wait I got through.  Admittedly they did reduce my existing package from £89 to £70 all good with that BUT is it right that they cannot give me a smaller package.... the advisors argument was that it would cost me £75 and better for me to stay where I am as he had no authority to discount that price.  New customers would get it for £39.  How is Virgin helping PENSIONERS to manage their account.  OPTION IS ...... to move BUT I dont want to move I just want a cheaper contract.  Frustrated.


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    Phone them again and say you want to speak to someone with the authority to discount the price, point out new customers pay 39, if they don't discount, threaten to leave, if they don't discount, leave.
    The open one with your OHs name in a week or two...Or go with someone else.
    By the way, they're not in it to help pensioners, they're in it to make money. Don't expect any concessions because you're an OAP.
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    PFYT  I share your pain as I was in your position a few weeks ago.  A pensioner on my own, paying for the largest TV package (but no premium channels) Broadband and phone line. It was due to rise AGAIN to approx £104 in March. I thought enough is enough, especially as I watch very little TV anyway!  No way of reducing it on line so I decided to ring them, prepared for a fight! Surprisingly I didn't have to hang on very long at all and luckily found myself speaking to a pleasant and very helpful young man. He agreed I was paying far too much and did his best to help!! (I know hard to believe eh?!)  So, as I use my mobile for calls, he knocked off the free call surcharge on my landline and reduced my tv package to a smaller one and my monthly charge will now be approx £60.  I was more than happy with that. I hasten to add this is due to happen from March and if it doesn't I will tell them I am leaving!  Keep trying, your package can be reduced.
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    I've had some luck in the past,  when haggling, in pointing out that "<competitor> is offering the same thing for £40 cheaper", or something like that. It shows you've done your homework and know that there are better deals elsewhere.

    You're not a person to big companies, you're a number on a screen that has a £ sign in front of it. It's not in their interests to get less money from you. They're going to make it as awkward as they can for you to save money. They've already proved that they're prepared to charge you double because you're not a new customer. The only real leverage you have is leaving.

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