MSE Poll: When did you last make a call on your home landline?

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Poll started 22 February 2022

To get broadband at home, you often need to have a landline as well. But with many increasingly turning to other methods of communication, from video calls to group messaging, this week we want to know when you last used your landline to make or receive a call.

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  • charlieboy_80charlieboy_80 Forumite
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    I got a “free” digital landline phone with my BT Broadband. Never dialled out on it as it costs TWENTY PENCE PER MINUTE to make phone calls! That’s like mobile rates 20 years ago! Why would I pay to use my landline when I can use my mobile for free? (Well, not free but you know what I mean.)
  • SandtreeSandtree Forumite
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    In the most traditional sense? Haven't had any form of landline for almost a decade as have had HyperOptic which doesn't go via any infrastructure provided by OpenReach. 

    For anyone that has visited us in that time we've had what looks like a landline and is used daily as it has unlimited UK calls via VOIP plus callerID is set to my mobile  and similarly is by far the cheapest way of making International calls to those more distant relatives overseas that you may not have on WhatsApp or FaceTime
  • CoffeekupCoffeekup Forumite
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    Not had a land line since 2004...
  • MisslayedMisslayed Forumite, Senior Ambassador
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    I 'receive' multiple calls on my landline every day, but they are never answered (it's set to silent), they're all junk/spam calls. Not sure why we keep it plugged in tbh. 
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  • brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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    We have to use the landline as the mobile signal is poor on all mobile networks we have tried.
    Don't answer unrecognised calls ,just let the ansaphone intercept. Outgoing calls we can still use 18185 service to minimise costs.
  • belle_de_jourbelle_de_jour Forumite
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    We have to use the landline as the mobile signal is poor on all mobile networks we have tried.
    Don't answer unrecognised calls ,just let the ansaphone intercept. Outgoing calls we can still use 18185 service to minimise costs.

    It's the same where I am.  Anytime landline calls are included in my ISP package and I use 18185 to call mobiles.
  • biscuitbobbiscuitbob Forumite
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    I technically have and pay for a landline, but we don't have a phone plugged in. All we used to receive were spam calls. I give the number to people I don't want to call me, like when I'm comparison shopping for insurance. 
  • Brigantia4444Brigantia4444 Forumite
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    Myself and my two adult children in their 20's don't own or use mobile phones (a deliberate decision). We have a landline with an answerphone, and really that's all you need. We are perfectly happy with this, the cost is reasonable (no stupid contracts) - and we are not a target for mobile phone scammers, either! What you don't have (i.e. hours of pointless scrolling) you don't miss. Simplify your life and chuck out the 24/7/365 always on, mobile phone pest. Good luck.
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    LumLum Forumite
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    Well the poll results so far show us what a lot of people already predicted. It's mainly over 50s and especially over 65s that use landlines, and this poll is biassed as it only surveys people with internet access. Plenty of older people who are landline exclusive and will never reply to this poll.

    I really hope BT see this data and get rid of their plan to replace POTS landlines with VOIP lines that will fail when the premesis has a power cut. Older people need that security of a landline that still works because they don't necessarily have mobiles / internet / signal and need a way to communicate with the outside world in an emergency!
  • Lucien20Lucien20 Forumite
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    A landline is a must where I live as mobile reception is atrocious. A  landline is a necessity if phoning or receiving calls whilst at home. We often see people without a landline phone standing outside their house trying to get a mobile signal. We need to have the same mobile receiver system as in Europe in order to help fix this problem. 
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