Can it stack ?

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How many of you use reward points? Or try stack them with Cashback?

I thought i give nectar a try and it’s interested me ( depending if works this way)

I noticed nectar has options to get points back from a lot different stores . 
If I used boots card for points and use nectar. Does that mean I get points on both ? 

Is there way combining nectar with Cashback sites?

The option to link card to nectar seem abit extreme or bizarre but am assuming it only picks up points that are eligible? And not building points from any store I use my card with 


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    Do you mean, can you combine multiple sources of 'money back' - cashback sites, nectar points etc?

    If so, absolutely - although I'm not so familiar with Nectar.  This doesn't directly relate to loyalty points but my wife and I have a joint Amex card and then an individual John Lewis and M&S Credit Cards, each of which get cashback.  I did a big online order from Boots for Xmas, I used my JL card that is registered with Airtime Rewards (£3.90 cashback), using Quidco (£11.70) and then my basic JL cashback which works out at something like 0.5p per pound spent.

    If you're asking about exchanging the points for more than their face value then again yes - albeit we use Tesco and regulary switch up on a 1:3 basis for Pizza Express.
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    Thanks that’s very informative 

    Gonna try something like what you explained and see how it goes 😊

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