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MSE News: HSBC customers should triple check payments when transferring cash

edited 20 December 2021 at 2:28PM in Budgeting & bank accounts
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edited 20 December 2021 at 2:28PM in Budgeting & bank accounts
HSBC customers who use the company's mobile banking app should carefully check the value of any transfers they make after the bank changed the way people enter payments, with some warning they nearly transferred thousands of pounds by mistake...

Read the full story:
'Warning: HSBC customers should triple check payments when transferring cash after some almost sent £1,000s by mistake'

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  • keithyno.1keithyno.1 Forumite
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    I don’t bank with HSBC and so I’m not familiar with their app, but SURELY you have to check and confirm the amount after you’ve typed it in, before it’s actually sent? I’ve used several banking and payments apps and not ONE has automatically ‘sent’ the amount immediately after you’ve typed it in.

    The guy in the article who tweeted he’d nearly transferred £17,016 onto his credit card instead of £170.16 (but it was declined as he didn’t have those funds in his bank account), well he was foolish if he blithely clicked on ‘Send’ before checking and then DOUBLE checking the amount. As would anybody be.

    So this article really boils down to the fact HSBC have changed the way you enter an amount using their app, involving inserting a decimal point. It really isn’t rocket science, and I can’t believe these people took to Twitter to shriek and wail about it.
  • Rich2808Rich2808 Forumite
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    This nearly caught me out when I was making a payment yesterday for the first time on the new app - luckily I noticed it before I confirmed it though!

    Would be nice if HSBC had explained this change in the email they sent out about the new app back in late October - it wasn't rolled out until several weeks later. 
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