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Socks that last...recommendations please

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edited 29 November 2021 at 6:22PM in I wanna buy it or do it
Socks don't seem to last three months before they wear out. I work in a warehouse and walking / lifting all day so shoes and socks need to be robust.  I'm sorted on the shoes and am now looking for some long-lasting socks. Any recommendations?  Thanks in advance. 


  • BrieBrie Forumite
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    why do you think they are wearing out so quickly??  I have socks going back probably decades but I work sitting on my fat backside not walking around.

    So would walking socks be the solution??  or getting sock liners?  If your feet are moving within your boot even slightly you are potentially wearing bits thin - it's the same thing that gives hikers bad blisters.  The solution to that is to have a double layer.  A tight fitting thin sock that goes on first and then a thicker cushioned one on top of that before putting on the workshoes.  Any rubbing is then done between the 2 sock layers.

    Aldi used to do some grand walking socks that had an integrated liner in them - marvellous at about £2.99.  Cotswold or other outdoor shops will have fancier version - likely selling the liner and the sock separately - more expensive but cheaper in the long run than always replacing standard M&S socks or whatever.
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  • Thanks Brie for the detailed response, much appreciated, The socks wear out as I walk miles each day and with bending to lift etc, the pressure of toes and heel against socks increases. So, I need "reinforced socks at heel and toe" without the insulation of double socks with an integrated liner.  I did some research and Bamboo is one brand but a little expensive (though may be worth it over the long-term though).  Thanks again.
  • JudiBJudiB Forumite
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    M&S workwear socks are brilliant.
  • MalMonroeMalMonroe Forumite
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    Hi, I don't walk half as much as you, I have to say. But I do have M&S socks. Not the workwear socks as mentioned by JudiB but I've had mine for a couple of years and they have lasted and washed very well indeed. They are just the very cheap ones but I've been really pleased with them

    Other than that, you could try one of the outdoor shops like Blacks or Sports Direct for walking socks. Have a google. 
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    I don't know which socks from Bamboo you are looking at hiphouse but I have to say I was mega disappointed with the plain black socks I bought from them. Wore out on heels and sole incredibly quickly compared to similar thickness socks.
    ETA Actually, just realised it might be a different firm. My rubbish socks are made from bamboo but I think the company is just called "Bam"
    I would suggest also trying walking socks but have also found my fairly thick M&S socks to be hardwearing. Can't remember if they are 100% wool or wool mix, have had them many years now!
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    TOP_CATTOP_CAT Forumite
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    I wear through the sock heel/ankle area via a lack of dorsiflexion and sometimes how you lace up really matters as well.

    If the foot is moving in the shoe or boot for whatever reason its bad news.....this is the problem.

    Many people oversize ones shoes as well (although they will swear otherwise and think uk size numbers are accurate yet cant tell you how long ones feet and shoe sizes are in mm ?) so the foot will move in the shoe during a endurance effort ie 8 hours a day walking at work

    Decathlon has some very tough synthetic socks ,you have to go in and pick out which ones suit as they have lots of types
    The short pair I got are really very hard wearing and decathlon is priced right.
  • MarconMarcon Forumite
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    School uniform socks! They come in adult sizes and are very hard wearing.
    Googling on your question might have been both quicker and easier, if you're only after simple facts rather than opinions!  
  • MrsgoobooMrsgooboo Forumite
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    My fella was the same until I found the socks in the pic just search storm bloc they have to look like the ones in pic. These last coming on years I buy 6 pairs at a time but worth it
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