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    ACG said:
    Just be careful with a builder/developer. 
    I have seen this a few times over the years where they reduce the price at the last minute. There is no emotional attachment for them, it is all business. As there is no mortgage involved it is also quite easy for them to reduce the price and it not be a massive PITA.

    A good estate agent can help there too - a relative when selling their house received a good offer from a Landlord, and their agent advised not to accept.  The Landlord was well known by local agents for putting in good offers, then reducing to below market value the day before exchange.
  • OP, have you been able to make a decision? As a prospective buyer myself, I would be interested to know who you picked and why. When I sold my last property, I went with the LL because I wanted a quick sale and so did he (to meet the SDLT deadline). 
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    I decided to accept the all cash offer from a local young couple (I think the Bank of Mam and Dad is helping). I had a couple of slightly higher offers after verbally accepting their offer but the EA didn't think they were genuine or came with strings attached so as an act of good faith, stuck with the first offer accepted. Hopefully the Property Gods will look down favourably on me for this. I appointed a conveyancer on Friday so fingers crossed there will be no problems though I'm sure there will be some hurdles to get over. 

    I know some will say that as an executor that I should have accepted the highest offer but for the sake of £1000, I'm just looking for the smoothest transaction possible.  My mum still lives in the next street and I know a lot of people in the area so I don't want any bother.

    The EA did say that he'd had a enquiry from a couple with £1m to spend on "doer uppers" in the North East to expand their property portfolio and were looking for around 12 properties. It's a street with mostly owner-occupiers and I didn't want to be know for handing over one of the houses to a dodgy landlord (not that I have any evidence that they were "dodgy").
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