MSE Poll: Do you just head to Amazon when you shop online?

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Poll started 5 October 2021

Amazon is the first port of call for many when it comes to online shopping, with one-third of you heading straight to the retail giant without comparing prices elsewhere, according to our 2020 poll. As we're entering the high-spend period in the run-up to Christmas, we want to see if that's changed – so tell us, do you compare prices when shopping online, or just head to Amazon out of habit?

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  • ginger_chocolateginger_chocolate Forumite
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    Where is the option for "I avoid Amazon if at all possible" - it's not just price that's an issue....
  • UncleJoesUncleJoes Forumite
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    What ginger_chocolate said! I stopped using Amazon about 3 years ago because of how unethical they are. I already knew about the tax avoidance and the way they put small firms out of business by undercutting them on price, as well as the endless fake reviews and failure to prevent or take down both fake reviews and dangerous products. However, it was reports from ex-staffon how they were treated that was the last straw. In particular a woman who was put on performance management after she returned to work following a miscarriage. I have previously e-mailed MSE about the continued promotion of Amazon and Amazon vouchers and asked them to consider the ethics of the brands they promote, but their focus is only on what's cheap and money saving. It would be nice to see them promote alternatives though for those of us choosing to avoid Amazon for ethical reasons.
  • Chumpy1962Chumpy1962 Forumite
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    It's good to see anti Amazon posts here. I too avoid them like the plague, I'd sooner pay a bit more to buy an item elsewhere than buy something there. I do get really annoyed too when I go to a well known auction site to buy an item, only to find when it arrives that I have unwittingly bought that item from an Amazon upseller. I make sure to comment on that in the feedback though, to try and help those who are doing their utmost to avoid them too.
  • CatsacorCatsacor Forumite
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    We voted on this same subject not so long ago, why again now ?

    For those without the nouse to shop around and carry out basic comparisons aside of Amazon it says a lot about shoppers in 2021.
    First, take responsibility .....
  • ThrugelmirThrugelmir Forumite
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    When Bezos launched into space. He thanked the customers and employees of Amazon for making it possible. Safe to assume that he's arrogant and selfish. The pinnacle of the American Dream (Exceptionalism) and all that's gone wrong with capitalism in the West as a result over the past 20 plus years.  
  • winnochwinnoch Forumite
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    I very rarely use amazon at all these days. When I do it's for inexpensive bits and pieces I can't easily get elsewhere. Everything else I buy online I either get from ebay or from specialist shops. I'm into photography and astronomy; two hobbies where aftersales customer support is vital and used by me after almost every purchase! I would not in a thousand years consider buying a high value, specialist product from Amazon. Even if they were a bit cheaper (they very rarely are for the these types of purchase). The stores I shop at also send out next-day; even occasionally same-day ! So there is absolutely zero reason for me to shop for expensive electronics/optical devices on Amazon.
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