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MSE News: British Gas to delay rise in direct debits for millions on standard tariffs over winter

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MSE_PetarMSE_Petar MSE Staff
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British Gas has announced it will keep direct debits for 2.3 million customers the same this winter, despite huge price hikes that'll hit next month. It says it will keep an extra £50 in customers' pockets – but most will likely be far better off switching.

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'British Gas to delay rise in direct debits for millions on standard tariffs over winter - but many could save £190/yr by switching'

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  • MWTMWT Forumite
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    Raising prices but not the DD payment just increases the risk of debt.

    This feels like a highly cynical play to persuade those who mistakenly think of the DD as the cost of their energy, that there is no need to switch...
  • wakeupalarmwakeupalarm Forumite
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    The whole systems is broken, British Gas holding DD's whilst prices rise leading to customer debts, and the smaller energy companies raising DD's when customers have large credit balances and refusing to refund them.
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