Will I Struggle to obtain a mortgage

Hello All,

wondering if anyone has any ideas on this.

when I was younger I was a bit of an idiot and went though a phase of opening and switching bank accounts to obtain the switcher payments as I was struggling financially.

long story short I’ve checked my file and I’ve got 50 off closed bank accounts over the years.

I struggled with credit cards but These are now under control and never go above around 15 percent utilisation in total.

As far as I can tell as long as I keep credit applications to a minimum I should be okay to obtain one in around 12 months time when I intend to get a mortgage?

My file has no late payments, defaults or ccjs so it is only my credit applications and utilisation that affect my credit currently.

thanks in advance


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    nothing in there is concerning. Reduced credit applications to a minimum 6 months before application, but 12 months would be useful but not essential. 

    Debt  and Defaults will be the biggest obstacle for people applying

    don't forget gambling

    Good luck
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    You should be fine. 
    But try to stop making applications. 
    Close any accounts you no longer need/use. 
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