Overpay all or Invest some?

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Hi All

Apologies for the long post & if it’s in the wrong place, not sure if it’s best in here or savings & investments board. I have only just moved into my first home so mortgage has only just started, but I am trying to figure out if I am best overpaying or investing?

There are a lot of articles online that champion investing over paying your mortgage off early, but seeing my mortgage balance makes me feel a bit sick! 

I straight away set up a monthly overpayment of £200, and then manually make overpayments of what I have left each month as my wage varies each month and didn’t want to commit to a figure incase I overspend that month.

My mortgage is currently £1240 per month plus £200 regular overpayment (£185K mortgage) As I was older getting on the ladder, thanks to The property prices in the South East! I didn’t want to be paying the mortgage for the rest of my life so got it over 15 years rather than 25.

My take home pay is anything between £3k and £5k a month, depending on what jobs and overtime I do each month, although the last 6 months has never been less than £4K. 

Expenses wise, I’d say around £300-£400 on shopping a month, My petrol/parking is paid for by work and I only use the car for work so no private petrol expenses. Road tax is free, and I pay my insurance in a lump sum which is usually covered in a monthly pay so I don’t tend to save money for this. 

I wear a uniform so don’t have work clothes expense, and work pretty much every weekend so I rarely shop for clothes now!

During covid obviously I haven’t been going out so not really sure what my entertainment expenditure is going to be now, but I tend to have more disposable income than most of my friends as I don’t have kids and earn an ok wage, so I doubt it will be excessive spending (but this is also why I have only added a £200 overpayment monthly just in case)

I put £50 a week into a stocks & shares ISA, and currently have just over 4 months emergency funds saved in a savings account. 

I had initially planned to overpay by £1K a month for as long as I can. Would I be better off overpaying it all, splitting it so half overpayment & half in S&S ISA, or just putting it all into S&S ISA?

Thank you 😊 
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  • Chiglepig
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    Hi @RachP87 where you post your question will influence the answer you get!

    Over on the Savings/Investment board the emphasis will definitely be "Don't overpay, the mortgage is cheap borrowing", here it's more likely "It's great to know it's all yours/more of it is yours". They are places on a spectrum of risk. One emphasises the purely financial, the other acknowledges the psychology/peace of mind as a measure of value (ok, that a bit binary, but makes the point).

    From the details you've given, you're already spreading that risk by doing both (which is what I do too), just one thing to consider that you haven't mentioned - what's your LTV and would overpaying improve the rate you can get when your current deal is up? That might swing the balance to OPs for now.
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    What Chigle said.

    Also, if your monthly salary varies, consider thinking of the minimum you get each month as standard, then either save or O/P the rest above that. Train yourself to live on the basic amount and everything else gets squirrelled away. Whichever route you take, savings or O/Ps, you'll get there faster.
    Consider setting up a spreadsheet too, with mini targets/goals. It gets addictive and helps keep up stamina for the long haul journey.

  • RachP87
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    Thank you both for responding, I was thinking of overpaying as much as possible to get to the next LTV bracket. I’ve worked it out that I will be under the 75% if I just pay standard payments by the 2 years, but I can get it down to under 65% if I overpay which I think I would prefer for now at least! I can focus on investing after I feel more comfortable with the balance - just seeing it makes me want to cry so I think I’m definitely better off overpaying as much as I can!

    I didn’t think about treating my wages like that, I like that idea! I mean, I do tend to save more when I get paid more but I don’t have a set spending limit really so I probably do spend more those months.

    I’ve worked out my standard pay with no overtime covers everything I need and spending money etc for the month so hopefully I can start to try and use any extra for OP

    Thank you both 
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  • Cornish_mum
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    Hi RachP87,
    When we first took out our big (for us) mortgage we aggressively overpaid until I felt comfortable with the amount, then we moved to concentrate on our pensions. I have recently started a small S & S ISA but we only did this once the mortgage felt less huge and scary. CM
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    Ullo ullo ullo - it's the investment police! 

    I think the answer is none of the above. If you're bringing home £3,000-5,000 a month, a pension (and higher rate pension tax relief) would seem to be a no brainer.

    You can easily afford your mortgage (even with the overpayment). 

    My question for you is have you done a realistic budget? Your figures above account for c. £2,000 a month - what are you spending the rest on? 

    You earn about the same as my wife and I combined, we are managing to save/invest approximately £1200+ a month and aren't very thrifty
  • RachP87
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    Hi @edinburgher thank you for your reply, I have only just moved in on 30th June so before that I was saving around 2K a month for the deposit, I was also using the extra to add to my ‘emergency fund’ which is where the rest went. Obviously now I don’t need to save this which is really what I was asking to do with the extra.

    During covid I saved a hell of a lot more each month and it made me realise how much I did waste at times, so I am a lot stricter now with my money but not ashamed to admit I haven’t been as strict as I should have been previously!

    thank you @Cornish_mum I think I am probably going to go down this route for now! Until I can get my head around the figure owing I don’t think I will feel comfortable saving lol 
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    Mortgage Balance: £157,750 (Dec 22)

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    I would definitely do a quick check on your pension situation as Edinburgher has stated, since you get the 40% tax back on any wages over £50271 that you contribute to your pension as well as possible employer contributions (if employed rather than self employed).
    You have stated already that you will be below 75% LTV when you hit the end of your current deal, so this will give you more options automatically.
    I make a small mortgage overpayment every month and contribute about 12% to my pension. I think this gives me the benefit of my mortgage coming down a little quicker and the possibility of retiring earlier if the pension performs well.
    Better look at the situation holistically rather than either pension or mortgage overpayments.
    Good luck
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