MSE News: Igloo Energy to hike prices by 12% from August

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About 180,000 Igloo Energy customers will see their gas and electricity bills rise by an average of 12% from August, after the firm announced it's hiking the price of its variable tariff...

Read the full story here:
'Igloo Energy to hike prices by 12% from August – but it's still among the cheaper players'

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  • miketoonsmiketoons Forumite
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    I got hit by this 12% rise after organising the switch to them via MSE's Cheap Energy Club but BEFORE Igloo started as my energy supplier. Feel very disappointed (annoyed actually) but MSE_Andrew says "it's still among the cheaper players"
  • gfmooregfmoore Forumite
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    I suppose I can't blame Igloo, but man this sort of price rise (after the one earlier this year) is a killer. I'm currently unemployed and have tried to reduce all my outgoings, but it doesn't matter does it 'cause I'm still getting killed.

    My big question is why isn't Ofgem investigating the wholesale market? What is causing these huge rises except energy producers scrwing us and exploiting us. Why aren't MPs and the media screaming about it. Oh yes, they have shares so no worries eh.

    I really don't know what I'm going to do about my heating this winter, we only had the CH on for an hour in the morning and used a gas fire to keep the living room warmish. Looks like we are going to freeze to death.

    Basically, it's out of my control now isn't it. 
  • UnclaimedEnergyUnclaimedEnergy Forumite
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    Ofgem doesn't control the wholesale market. It's based on global prices and is heavily impacted by a lot of factors out of control by the UK (Oil Prices, Gas Prices). 

    Also if the weather forecasts start predicting it's going to be a colder winter, prices will go up as there is a presumed higher demand for gas heating. 
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