Reduction in payments due to second child

Any help on this would be much appreciated.  In the simplest terms, this is my situation; 
  • I currently pay maintenance to my first partner for a child - these payments are made direct with the CMS stating how much it should be (changes year on year).
  • Myself and my wife had a child in January this year.  I understand that when you have a second child it will impact on any CMS payments already made ( I think they reduce your assessed income).
  • So I contact the CMS in January shortly after the birth and told them about the second child.  They said in order for them to put through an adjustment they need a "reference" number for the new child which effectively acts as proof they exist (they won't accept birth certificates or anything else). 
  • In order to get this reference number they tell me, I need to register the child for Child Benefit regardless of whether or not we are claiming it, which we aren't. 
  • So I send off all the forms to HMRC and sure enough a month or so later a letter drops in stating that we are entitled to child benefit but have chose not to claim it and so on.  But there's no reference number of any kind.

I call the CMS and ask whats happening and they tell me that they are waiting for HMRC to contact them with said reference number.  As of today, still nothing.  

I call HMRC and explain the situation.  They said due to a computer system change they now no longer issue child reference numbers and it's only once the child reaches six months old then a number is generated but this is effectively their NI number.  And in order to even get that number I will "probably" have to contact the department for work & pensions as they can't give it to me.

So at present, I can't get the payments adjusted because the CMS are waiting on a number that HMRC are telling me doesn't exist anymore and the only number I can potentially get is the childs NI number that won't be issued until they are six months old that they might not give me anyway.

I would have thought the above scenario would be pretty common so I'm surprised (but not!) that neither the CMS nor HMRC seem to have a clue as to how this will proceed/resolve.  At the moment I am literally going in circles.

Has anyone else had the same issue?



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     So apply for child benefit in payment, get the number, cancel the payments. Depending if your partner works the NI contribution to them for claiming might be useful. 
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