Thank you to MSE for giving me a kick up the bum to get debt free

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Just over 2 years ago I posted in the mortgage section because I had £14k of credit card debt and i was hoping to remortgage our house to release some equity so we could borrow some money for renovations. I was posting to see if I was right to worry that this might not be looked on favourably when we came to remortgage.

Although I largely had everything on a 0% deal, I think I had buried my head in the sand somewhat about how big a mountain of debt £14k was, and in addition we were also saving for a wedding too.

I am happy to say now that as of today I have now paid off the £14k credit card debt, plus a £500 overdraft. We were able to save for the wedding and we did get the remortgage for the renovations (none of that remortgage went towards the wedding or onto the credit cards). But financially I am in a much better position now. So the tough love really helped me out, as it was so easy to get into that amount of debt and the repayments were, in theory, manageable. 

But I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the kick up the bum to actually put a plan together to pay it all off. It did help that during covid we haven't spent so much too.


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    Fantastic news.  Hope it continues in to the future and you have a long happy marriage.
    Paid off the last of my unsecured debts in 2016. Then saved up and bought a property. Current aim is to pay off my mortgage as early as possible. Currently over paying every month. Mortgage due to be paid off in 2036 hoping to get it paid off much earlier. Set up my own bespoke spreadsheet to manage my money.
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