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New to this

Rhona_ayeRhona_aye Forumite
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Hello everyone. I'm new to MSE. I have taken up the hobby of comping 🤣
I so far enter mostly competitions on twitter and Instagram but is there any tricks and sites people can help me enter cash prizes? 😆
I dont want enter anything that's SPAM.  


  • Ms_DeeMs_Dee Forumite
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    Hi @Rhona_aye, welcome to MSE and the wonderful world of comping!
    Most of the competitions here are safe to enter and are posted from regularly sites that have had genuine winners, if in doubt, wait a couple of hours or even days, if it doesn't close soon, then people usually comment or report it, if there is a problem, so always read the comments on the competition threads.
    Not all competitions require you to join their newsletters, but make sure if it does that you do and you don't unsubscribe before the competition ends, as you may retract your entry. This is why many of us use a specific email address for comping only, but don't call it something like [email protected] because a lot of companies do not like avid compers entering and this will make it obvious you are a comper.
    Quite a few competitions have an enter your phone number box too, but it isn't always a required entry, so only enter it if it is required. And always check after the submit button on sites, to make sure there isn't any hidden tick boxes.

    I win mainly on Gleam, Rafflecopter and Facebook - I don't however enter many competitions on Facebook that require you to 'share' not only is it against Facebook terms to ask that, it can also fill your page up with shares, not only annoying your friends and family but also flooding your own wall and again, making it look like a compers account. Facebook only allow you to have one account per person, so if you have an account for comping and a normal account then you can get them both banned and blocked without warning if you get caught.

    I focus on competitions that are enter once, unless I have entered everything or really want a certain prize, then I may enter the dailies more often. But dailies and click to wins are usually either daily entries or unlimited entries and you are much less likely to win if you only enter once or twice (although it does happen) So I like to have an even chance.

    You can check the I won, I won, I won section to see what people have won and where they have won from, obviously not everyone lists their wins, but gives you an idea. I've won 7 small prizes so far this year, the more years that go by, the less I seem to win, this is probably because of more and more people joining social media and comping.

    My biggest wins have been a campervan holiday and a TV. The TV was my very first win and first comp I entered and from heart radio's website.

    I used to enter anywhere from 50-120 competitions on average a day, giving me anywhere from 2-12 wins a month, this was only over the last few years. I've not entered as much recently but just aim for a win each month to keep me ticking over. 
    I absolutely love joining the yearly Compers Challenge, it helps keep me inspired, a great bunch of people and something to aim for. Feel free to join us.

    If you choose to use more than one comping site, make sure you only enter certain competitions once, as some sites won't tell you if you enter again and it could disqualify you.

    Best of Luck and enjoy! If you loose interest or enjoyment, take a break and feel free to come back if and when you feel you want to :smile:
    Thank you to everyone who posts competitions and good luck to everyone who enters.
  • Rhona_ayeRhona_aye Forumite
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    Thank you so much for this information. I am so excited to properly get started!!! 😀 I have entered loads in the last couple of days and not bought 'take a break' magazine for do the xwords hehe 
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