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Exchange deposit

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Hi there,
I have a question - simplified example to follow.
If I am buying a house for £550,000 and selling my current mortgage free house for £300,000. I need and have a AIP for £250,000 for the difference. (Assume I have the cash for all the fees and SD). 
Do I have to put up a 10% deposit at exchange of contracts, or is this somehow magically dealt with as I have the equity in the house I am selling. 


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    @Commstone It's one of the following, usually No.2 as people in the chain agree to use the deposit from the person below. And most homemovers' equity is usually tied up in the property.
    1. You use the 10% exchange deposit from your buyer and add cash to hit the 10% required by your seller
    2. You agree through the solicitor for a reduced deposit to your seller and just use the 10% from your buyer.

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