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Can I get a bigger mortgage or is there a better method?

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edited 2 March at 8:19PM in Mortgages & Endowments
I want to buy a house/flat for around 300k, the bank on my salary will lend me about 170k, so I plan to save 100k and then get a mortgage for 200k (assuming my pay will rise by the time I buy and hence I will be able to lend more).

Is there any other option I could take or is it a case of saving for another three/four years (or even longer)? I


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    @StrictGold5208 Unfortunately, even at a low LTV, with a 35k salary you can expect to borrow no more than about 175k, taking you to a max of around 220k. I don't see any evident way to make up that gap other than saving up, getting a windfall or family gifting you that money.

    If you have someone who can join your application as a borrower (but not on the deeds), a JBSP mortgage *may* be an option as well.

    The other option is to keep your eyes open for cheap 1/2-bed flats in some of the "less desirable" (referring to general perception here, I spent a few very happy years in Whitechapel not very long ago :) ) zone 2/3/4 areas in E/NE/SE London and then trade up in a few years.

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