Re-Mortgage the Help to Buy Payment or pay off separately?

Hi All,
Myself and my partner were first time buyers on a new property almost 5 years ago. We took advantage of the Help to Buy scheme in which the government provided 20% of the house value, whilst we provided the 5% deposit and 75% Mortgage. The Help to Buy was interest free for 5 years, which means shortly we will be expected to pay interest on this which now equates to 20% of the total value of our home (which has increased by 40K in 5 years from Zoopla estimates). I am eager to get this paid off ASAP to get rid off the involvement the government has over my property. If my house continues to increase in value so will the capital we owe for the HTB.
My question is, would we be able to add this HTB loan onto our mortgage when it comes to remortgaging in 4 months time?, if not what other alternative are out there?
Many thanks.


  • Hello Stephanie, 
    Yes you can look to add the help to buy in to the mortgage to pay it off, subject to affordability and criteria with the lender. You will need to get Help to Buy to agree the valuation which requires a surveyor approved by Help to Buy to value your property as well (HTB will be able to give you a list of approved surveyors). We have access to over 100 lenders so we can have a look at the best option for you on the mortgage. Have a look at our website and you can fill in your details online or schedule a telephone appointment - it's a free service throughout and will save you a lot of time and hassle looking through the lenders yourself.
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