Recipe cards/book/app?

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Hi everyone 

One of my new year's resolutions is to sort out my recipe collection so that I actually get round to cooking some of the recipes rather than them just being a collection. So I was wondering what does everyone use? Do people still use recipe cards and books or has everyone gone online?

I currently have most of them either in books or scraps of paper or on a pinterest board but much prefer having a physical recipe (A6 recipe card) rather than it being on an app, but at the same time I like to be able to have a picture of what I'm aiming for and would like to be able to use multiple tags on recipes. So looking for some inspiration please  :)


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    What I do is hardly inspirational but it works for me.😊

    I have a box file for recipes I've either printed or cut out of magazines etc. They stay in there until I've tried them. When I'm sure they're keepers, they join my favourite recipes in a loose leaf folder in  punched  plastic wallets. The folder is divided into various meats, veg recipes, puddings etc.  

    I could do a high tech version but this suits me. 
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    I still use books, but I also have a spiral-bound notebook (so that it lies flat when it's on the kitchen worktop) that I glue the recipes that have come out of magazines. Like maman above, I wait till I've tried them before the recipes go into the notebook. If there's one thing I would save from a burning house, it's this moth-eaten tatty old notebook with 30 years of tested recipes!
    (When I'm baking, my hands are messy and generally covered in flour and butter, so apps are just asking for trouble in my opinion. My phone's not insured for cake-batter in the works  :) )
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    I use a book, even if I initially find recipes on line, ever since the website one of my favourite recipes was on vanished into the ether and I couldn’t track it down anywhere else.
    I do have some on my phone but the ones I know I’m going to go back to end up on paper in my ring binder. 
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