Signed deeds over thinking was off the mortgage

Good evening, was wondering if anyone had any information that could help. January 2017 I brought a house with a ex but soon after the relationship broke down and I moved out we have one child together. Later that year I met someone else and wanted to move on so asked to come off the house she had also met someone else I didn’t want any money just wanted my name taken off as we both moved on. She said fine I had a meeting with her solicitor and signed which I thought was everything over to her. Just last year my new partner was looking on my credit file to notice that the mortgage was still on there so I asked the ex why where she told me that I hadn’t signed the mortgage over just the deeds as she was told by the bank she didn’t meet the affordability by herself. I am so angry as she told me everything was signed over. Just wondering if Halifax would allow her to do this as I know a lot of banks wouldn’t accept her taking me off the deeds without permission and I very much doubt that she asked them with them not allowing her to take the mortgage by herself. The mortgage term is up 04/2021 and she has said that she will take steps to get me removed but I don’t trust what she is saying and will meet with Halifax myself. Thanks for reading and would appreciate any help. 


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