Lump sum pay off mortgage on invest in SIPP (over 55)

I have a very small mortgage which will be paid off in 4 to 5 years, however I could pay a lump sum (inhertiance) which I am about to receive in to the mortgage (£43k) which would reduce the monthly interest from £143 to £91 per month saving and repaid in 3 years (saving£1872 in interest)
However I also have an active SIPP and as I am over 55 and a high rate tax payer, I am considering paying the £43k in to the SIPP which will also receive 20% Tax relief  added to the SIPP (£8600), I have checked and I can still do this(3 Year Tax relief rule), plus the remaining 20% of the 40% Tax relief I could claim as a Tax rebate (£8600)
So my thinking is to go down the SIPP road and after the Tax relief (£8600) has been paid in, would be to take the 25% Tax free from the SIPP (£14000) and add the Tax rebate (£8600) in April (when i submit the form) and pay this amount of the mortgage (£22600), this would still leave £42000 in the SIPP.
At the same time I would open another SIPP and carry on my normal monthly repayments in to the new SIPP.
Any issues with doing this ?


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