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Martin Lewis: A glimmer of hope for excluded new-starter self-employed

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Martin Lewis: A glimmer of hope for excluded new-starter self-employed

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  • SharononlineSharononline Forumite
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    I work for a benevolent fund and can confirm we have had applicants who fallen through the net. This feels like a little too late, even if it comes to fruition.
  • jazz20jazz20 Forumite
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    Please help - as I’m sure I’ve wrongly fallen through the cracks despite appealing to HMRC... 2017-18 most of my earnings were through employment, from Nov 17 through self-employment (so less than 50% of my overall earnings for 17/18 came from self-employment). 2017-18 self-assessment profit was virtually nothing due to business start-up costs. 2018-19 was a ‘true’ year of full profits, all from self-employment. SEISS grants received so far were based on my 18-19 full year, but also my 17-18 ‘part’ year, despite earning less than 50% from self-employment that year. In short, the 17-18 ‘profit’ taken from 5 months of trading, averaged out across 12 months, massively pulled down my SEISS grant, by more than half in fact. Surely this isn’t right?? 
  • IanMcLIanMcL Forumite
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    The problem for a newly self employed person, is that having left employment, the set up costs are used to create a tax loss, in order to reclaim previously paid tax. This sets the business on a positive footing, going forward.

    As these Gov payments depend on 'profits', many self employed people must be missing out, totally.
  • LJMDLJMD Forumite
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    The government insists on historic records to calculate the self employment grant, so if newly self employed since April 2019, you have no history, therefore can’t access the grant, EXCEPT if you were employed and PAYE prior to self employment you do have a tax history, why can’t this be taken into account to calculate a grant for newly self employed?
  • kakak27kakak27 Forumite
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    Hi there, I am looking for clarification on whether I should apply for the third SEISS grant (I was eligible for and received the first and second grant, and have been invited by HMRC to apply for the third grant). 
    Prior to COVID I received 100% of my income from self employment, then in about March my income significantly reduced to almost nothing as my job required meeting my customers in person. My self employment work has started to pick up again but as I can no longer live off my self employment income I started other work. Last month, October, I started employment in a full time role for the first time and now around 60/65% of my income is from that employer via PAYE. Does the 'at least 50% of your earnings must be from self employment' requirement still have to be true now or is it acceptable to still apply for the grant on the basis that I was eligible for the first two grants? Thanks so much for any advice.
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