Mortgage for FTB on fixed term contract

Hi all, 
Myself and my partner are currently saving for our deposit, and we estimate we’ll have enough in approximately 12 months time. 
I have been offered a new job with my local council but on a 2 year fixed term contract. I’m worried about what impact this will have on our mortgage application? 
My partner is on a permanent contract and has no intention of changing jobs before applying for our mortgage. 
Current household income of £50k, which would rise to £58k if I took the new job.
The property would be in the region of £250k with around a £30k deposit. 
We do plan on using a mortgage broker when the time comes but obviously I need to make the decision as to whether to accept or decline the position now. 
I do plan on trying to negotiate a permanent position, but for now, I’m trying to work this out based on the worst case scenario. 
Any help very much appreciated, thank you. 


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