So I've been having a read through some diaries on here and on the MFW board, and they've really motivated me to get my finances under control. I've got a small family of three, and I'd really like to buy a house in a nice area and be financially sound by the time DS is in highschool (about 6 years away). I'm currently terrible with finances, as I overthink things and start panicking thinking that everything needs to be bought and finished right this instant, so there's always more on my 'to-buy' list than there is money coming in each Month! We're in around £15k of debt combined right now, and have a very low income. Most debts are in OHs name and are defaulted, as he decided on a DMP around two years ago. We're planning to pay this off ASAP and start rebuilding his credit, BUT we've recently moved house and still have loads to buy. I'll be tracking all spends for a Month in order to write up an accurate SOA, but things like energy are on the cheapest deal and we're both on sim-only contracts and use only netflix.

Sorry my first post is a bit all over the place, I just have no idea where to start! Will write up current plan in next post.
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