13 coronacoaster weeks to Christmas

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Hi. I used to frequent the forum several years ago and managed to escape credit card debt mostly by doing debt free challenges and reading debt diaries. Things have changed a lot since then, in good and bad ways. I am now debt-free, except for my mortgage BUT I became a single parent since then :cry: I'm finding the 2020 coronacoaster quite hard to deal with: one week I'm hopeful and motivated, running 5k, cooking healthy, being frugal, and grateful for everything, then the next week I am feeling miserable, lonely, anxious, eating too much chocolate, spending too much money and binging on Netflix. Therefore, I thought setting some short-term goals and keeping a diary would help me keep on the positive side of things more often. I'm actually not good at keeping diaries, so that is a challenge in itself. I realized we have 13 weeks left to Christmas day and came up with a symmetrical challenge (- can you tell I'm slightly OCD? :smile:). The countdown starts today and ends on Christmas day, but obviously I'd like to keep the good habits after that. The challenge:
  • overpay the mortgage by at least £1,300
  • save at least £13 each day (total £1,183)
  • spend no more than £130 weekly (total £1,690) - excluding bills and regular stuff.
  • lose at least 13lbs
  • run at least 130km
  • (NEW) 13 NSDs from 25 Oct to 24 Nov, and another 13 between 25 Nov and Christmas Eve
Please wish me luck and thank you for any words of encouragement or nudging! 


  • Good luck birdofpassage! I started running during the proper lockdown - I ran every day for 50 days so hopefully reading about all your running will inspire me to get back out there as I've been a bit more lax since my challenge :P 
  • Thanks, feel free to join in! I plan to run 5k at least twice a week. I ran 300km from January until end of August then fell off the wagon in September, barely did 5k a week. 
  • Just came up with an extra challenge, to save £13 each day until Christmas day so that's £1,183 total, including xmas day.That shouldn't be that hard as I already save £350 / month through standing orders but my child's getting dental braces and the initial payment is due in November, followed by 10 monthly payments. I created a signature and added all targets so that I can record progress. Feeling excited, hopefully this lasts :wink:
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    Hope your challanges go well.
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  • 13 weeks til xmas?! Eeek 😮😮😮
    I think it may be s slightly different one this year to the christmases that we are used to.
    Love the 13 week challenge. May just join you.
    Lose 13 pounds. Declutter 13 items a week. 
    Will follow!
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  • Thanks both! @Ponylover glad you're joining! Could've added decluttering myself, but to be fair I only have one room to declutter. The lockdown did help with some things. I'm off to run the first 5k of the challenge before it starts raining. Have a lovely day everyone! 
  • Good weekend, apart from the fact that I spent £64 in total yesterday and today: on groceries, in a café, and on Amazon. £66 left to spend until Friday. (bills not included). Ran 5km today and played doubles tennis, despite the 'lovely weather'. Signature updated. 
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    Oh can I join you in this? You have got my thoughts going! I am going to pay £1300 off my cc. I'll join you trying to run that far. And I could definitely do with losing 13lbs! Good luck 😃
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  • @bigbeff: you're very welcome! We can all motivate and cheer each other. 
  • Wow that's a great idea birdofpassage! Can't believe it's only 13 weeks until Christmas. Your description of the coronacoster is spot on. I hope your challenges help :)
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