Clearing 241k in 5031 days - let's go!

Finally decided to join the mortgage slayers  :) been here for ages and love reading everyone's diaries
The challenge - 241k in just over 5000 days  :#
The mortgage was originally due to be finished 28/05/2034 but between the period 2010-2014 we ended up on interest only due to redundancies so the end date is now sometime in 2039. However things are going good at the moment so I am really keen to overpay and claw back as much time as possible - hoping I can do it in 5000 days.
It'll be a big ask but sure if I don't try I'll never know!!!!!!! 
Current monthly payment is 1165 - I need to over pay by 385 a month to hit the target, it's doable at the moment so I'm ready to go  :)


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