I checked my account on Monday to find the Puregym have taken £19.60 rather than £9.99 (I joined on 3 month trial at £9.99 in March) we then went in to lockdown a few weeks after. They wrote to members say memberships would be suspended and no charges made. And when they reopened any memberships terms would be extended.
Since gyms reopened on last week of July - This would take my agreement and T&C with them up to October with payments due August £9.99 & September £9.99 .  However, they have taken by DD almost double the amount due. They refuse to take the issue seriously and will not amend my account. I'm interested to know if anyone has had the same or similar happen to them. Thanks


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    Hi there, they took a direct debit for me unannounced after their Corona freeze and I wasn't able to cancel my membership.  I tried to cancel but the 'cancel' button they have on their website is non-functioning and seems to simply an image. There used to be a phone number on the account page but since COVID they have removed this number. I have tried to reach the PureGym customer service on other pathways but they do not respond to me. It's really strange cos they used to be so good with customers. How have you been in touch with them?
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    I have had similar problem with Puregym. I took 3 month freeze after gyms reopened but Puregym took a payment. Tried to then cancel my membership went into a loop said you could cancel DD to cancel membership. Done this. Thought I had cancelled membership then said I had only cancelled freeze and made membership active. Now saying they are going to set up another DD to continue membership. At start when I joined they were great don't know what has happened. Just want to get rid of Puregym and membership without them taking any more money. 
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