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Thanks thingamaBob - Year's supply of Jude's Icecream

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Thanks thingamaBob - Year's supply of Jude's Icecream

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This is brilliant for the grandchildren over the holidays.  They're going to send 52 vouchers in the post so we can go to Sainsburys and stock up the freezer.  Many thanks and good luck everybody!


  • glen10glen10 Forumite
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    Well done  :)
    Feb 2011. ASUS LAPTOP:jL'Oreal Sublime Mouse:j£50 Chat win :)


  • thingamaBobthingamaBob Forumite
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    Brilliant! Well done.  🙌

  • MintyBMintyB Forumite
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    Yummy win! Congratulations! :)
  • SkintBrideToBeSkintBrideToBe Forumite
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    Well done :)
    ***Dream Prize - Disney Holiday ***

    Come on 2020, Lets Be Having You :j
  • BigboytysonBigboytyson Forumite
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    Well done xx
    💖💖Love Comping,💖💖 In it to Win it.💖💖
    💖💖If I don't win its not the end of the world,theres always another one to enter💖💖
    💖💖Always be happy and congratulate those that do win💖💖
    💖💖Always Thank the original poster where's possible,💖💖 Thank you's goes along way💖💖 Good Luck Everyone💖💖
  • MisslayedMisslayed Forumite, Board Guide
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    Congratulations! :) I wondered if you'd need a bigger freezer 😂
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  • elizabethpelizabethp Forumite
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    Well done :smile:
    Liz xx
  • redfox5redfox5 Forumite
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    Awesome win! Well done.
    July 2020 wins - Tarmac Pen (again!)
    June 2020 wins - Flack Season 1 & 2 on DVD, 1 Book
    May 2020 wins - Tarmac pen, Unicorn Activity Books, 3 Books & a Blu Ray
    April 2020 wins - CD: STUMBLEINE 'Sink Into The Ether', 5 Books, Treasure Chest Trinket Box & Avon Eye Enhancing Shadow Crayon
    March 2020 wins - Books: Little Book Of Dior, The Stolen Spear by Saviour Pirotta & The Greek's Unknown Bride By Abby Green.
    Jan 2020 wins - Bee Green Wraps Family Starter Kit.
    Dec 2019 wins - In The Night Garden Colouring Pack, Book: Break Point - Ollie Ollerton, Panasonic 2019 LED HDR 4k Ultra HD Smart TV, 49” with Freeview play, £50 UK Lingerie Voucher & Lily's Kitchen Spectacular Christmas cat treats!
  • borefestborefest Forumite
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    brilliant win <3<3
  • fire**flyfire**fly Forumite
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    great win, well done smiley
    please be a responsible pet owner & spay/neuter your pets, too many strays & not enough homes for them sadly. k2u58ioz4c8e.png

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