My gym has been charging full membership in lockdown

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sorry wasn't sure where to post this, my gym which is a local nonprofit organisation has been charging me full membership fees during lockdown i want to ask them about it but am very nervous about it, I am curious to know where the law stands on this as I know lots of other gyms in my city have suspended their membership, my gym has been providing  a park workout and have lent me a rebounder but surely this doesn't justify £29. Also just to add the gym wont be opening as allowed as they are moving premises and don't envisage opening until end of August. 
Anybodys thoughts would be very grateful 


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    Lockdown has been going on for about 4 months - how have you only just noticed the fee being charged?

    They might argue that by loaning you a rebounder and offering alternative park workouts they're still offering a service to you.
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