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0 hour contract, leave without notice - holiday pay

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0 hour contract, leave without notice - holiday pay

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a few pointers before i get into what im going to ask..
my job -
0 hour contract ( never been given a paper contract though)
ive worked there for 7 months
ive been on furlough since 23rd march, they opened back up the pub Sunday 19th and ive worked 3 days so far.
i asked if i could put some holidays in as i have birthdays etc. the holidays run from Nov to Nov, and i still have loads left due to not using any through lockdown.
my employer told me i cannot take any holiday pay until Nov 2020 has past and it starts the new holiday year.
he also stated that if i was ever to leave the job for another i would not be paid the holidays i was owed or not taken.
he said because im on a 0 hour contract they only pay us holiday pay through the goodness of their hearts (bullsh*t) so they dont even have to pay me holiday pay.
they ended up telling me over text "if i dont like it, then leave" - so i just replied "ok"
so basically im now out of a job, and i want to know where i stand? 


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