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Shift Allowance used in place of a payrise but never paid.

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Shift Allowance used in place of a payrise but never paid.

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I hope someone can help.
I am a team lead earning minimum wage at a multi Billion$ IT company.  In December 2019 my request for a pay rise was declined as the managers could not give pay rises directly due to a policy the company has, but instead, it was verbally agreed between myself and my line manager that I would be given a raise by way of a shift allowance that can be added to my wage without the need to change shifts.  Even though this does not contribute to a pension, income disclosure for re-mortgages, death in service etc, I accepted its as it underlined my need to move jobs and it was extra money until I left.  Covid hit before I could act on my plan. 
This month is the 7th month that I have not received this allowance.  Every month I email my manager regarding this and I have had a meeting regarding this - it has been part of my one to one discussions.  I have emails accepting the fact they are investigating the matter - which should acknowledge the agreement in writing I would have thought.  They even mention an Ops Manager dealing with it.
What are my rights in this situation?
Thanks in advance.


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    Your 'right' is to have a grievance - which is what this is, even if not raised as such - investigated. I'm afraid what it underlines is that verbal agreements are the devil to enforce if you are the hapless employee. 
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