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Occupational sick pay and benefits

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Occupational sick pay and benefits

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I have been on long term sick for almost six months and so the SSP part of my contractual sick pay is due to finish soon,  but I will continue to get half pay for another six months, up until December. HR has sent me a letter about sick pay but I can’t make sense of it - the part I can’t understand is sick pay reducing by the amount of benefit (see below). I get UC and have also just been assessed as LCWRA (I won’t start getting the extra amount for LCWRA  until September). I am off sick with a disability related illness and also shielding until 1 August, and since mid March (shielding letter received from NHS/Government) and my employers are looking to dismiss me on ill health capability. Which benefits are taken into account when reducing the occupational sick pay, does anyone know? 


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