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Triple glazing v double glazing

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Triple glazing v double glazing

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Hi, I’m doing a self build and am not sure whether the extra money for triple glazing sliding sash windows is worth it? Has anyone got triple glazed sliding sash and can compare them to double glazed? Research is fairly limited because triple glazed in sliding sash seem to be fairly new.  Thanks for any advice ....


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    Cant help with the sliding sash windows but Im very happy with my triple glazed windows. They are very efficient. After I had them installed I noticed at times a lot of condensation. I then realised that the condensation was on the outside of the windows rather than the inside. I thought there was something wrong but this is apparently a phenomenon that occurs because the glazing is doing its job very well     Heres a bit about it      With regards to the cost its a buyers market and it should be possible to get triple for same price as double. Do a bit of hard haggling
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