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Term time teacher top up summer job

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Term time teacher top up summer job

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ditty1234ditty1234 Forumite
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Hi I am literally looking for jobs to top up my termtime part time teaching job! I need something that will continue into term time as not sure I will get vacancy hours this autumn, due to covid. I am looking for any suggestions, have tried to work in care as bank staff but have not been able to do any of the training so now I think I am not in the good book of the bank manager. Any suggestions, I am thinking of care, cleaning, organising peoples photography collections, like other people on here I'm an artist and photographer - but a bit shy so not so successful.  
I was about to apply for an other care job today, but I am worried about asking people to be references as it just seems a bit naf. 
Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated. 
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  • OhtobeMortgageFreeOhtobeMortgageFree Forumite
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    As a teacher is art/photography your subject?
    Can you produce a course or workbook to sell online around your teaching subject? It doesn't need to mean loads of work, - you could use some of your current class teaching resources as part of the product.
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