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Natwest or Halifax???

edited 2 June at 5:30PM in Mortgages & Endowments
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edited 2 June at 5:30PM in Mortgages & Endowments
Hi all
Hubby and I prepping to put our house on the market - We have around £180-190k equity in the house at the moment according to estate agent valuation.
We have a DIP from Halifax already which suggested we could borrow enough to finance a maximum house price of £450k. Combined income is £119k without bonuses as they won’t take them into account at the moment, however I have £10k credit card debt plus a couple of other commitments, my debt to income ratio is around 32% last time I checked. Natwest (who we bank with) phoned us and gave us an AIP for a ridiculous maximum purchase price of £712k even with my higher debt levels. When we bought house 5 years ago hubby had some Old defaults which have now dropped off and our credit ratings are good/excellent though he doesn’t have much credit at all. Natwest app says ‘good’ however numbers we know are immaterial and it’s history and affordability that matter. However does anyone have experience of Natwest as a lender/whether Halifax better to go with/how often do approved AIPs get declined? Is it easier to get a mortgage when you’ve already got one as opposed to FTB? 

Sorry for any stupid questions. 
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