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E: 10/06 Win a VIP tour of McLaren’s HQ + plus ride with the Stig (Post/kids)

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E: 10/06 Win a VIP tour of McLaren’s HQ + plus ride with the Stig (Post/kids)

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Supercar of the Future Competition

You could be designing an iconic BP badge, flying with the Red Arrows, meeting the Royal Family, designing a music video for a famous boyband AND earning an Orange Blue Peter badge by entering a Blue Peter competition. Right now, Blue Peter is accepting entries for the 'Supercar of the Future' competition so why not get involved and enter? You never know, you could be a BP competition winner!

Open competition: Supercar of the Future

Blue Peter's Supercar of the Future Competition is giving YOU the chance to design a unique futuristic car. The winner will have their design brought to life by model makers at the world famous McLaren Technology Centre. You’ll get a VIP tour of McLaren’s HQ to see where they produce their supercars and, as part of the prize, you will be taken for the ride of your life around a UK racetrack in a McLaren Supercar driven by Top Gear’s most famous racing driver, The Stig. All prizes will be undertaken when it is safe to do so.

Make sure your parent/guardian has read and agrees to the Terms and Conditions and the BBC Privacy Policy before you apply.

How to enter:

Entering this competition is simple! You should start by downloading and printing the application form by clicking on the 'get this activity' button above.

Then follow these instructions:

  • Get a parent or guardian to fill out the personal details on page one (making sure they have read the terms and conditions)
  • Make sure they have read and agree to the privacy policy on page two
  • Design your supercar on page three (don't go outside the box)
  • Answer the questions on page four

Once you have filled out all the sections of the form, post your application (with the correct postage for a large letter envelope) to:

Blue Peter's Supercar of the Future competition, 1st Floor Bridge House, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2BH


Please make sure you include all four pages of your application and the correct postage for a large letter.

What we are looking for:

We want your entry to be the best it can, so here are some guidelines to think about before you get started:

  • Be creative:

Your car should look stylish but also be practical. Think about the shape and weight of your car to make sure it is super-efficient on the track. You might want to research into the elements that make up a car (e.g. mirrors, wheels, exhaust, lights) to spark some ideas for how to make them even better!

  • Make your car futuristic:

What powers your car? What kind of impact will it have on the environment and how you would generate that energy source? How might it be charged? Are there any other features that could be thought about, like an AI system or sensors? Might it travel in the air, on water, on sand/mud or all of them?

  • Be unique:

And finally, this is your Supercar – so we want to see one outstanding feature on it that makes you proud to have designed it. What makes your idea really unique?

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