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New Mortgage - Direct Debit not taken

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New Mortgage - Direct Debit not taken

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Remortgaged and switched to Halifax which completed at the start of April.

The first payment is due to be taken on the first of May, and I have a text from Halifax confirming this and the account its coming from.

However, that's tomorrow and the direct debit hasn't been set up yet (with the bank). And I can't see any references to a direct debit in my mortgage account.

I tried calling them but any option thats not "I can't pay my mortgage" just cuts you off and says to call after the apocalypse.

I'm nervous that I don't want a missed payment on my credit file.
I can make a manual payment, but then what if they set it up later in the month and it's taken twice?


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    RedFraggleRedFraggle Forumite
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    My Halifax remortgage also has the first payment going tomorrow and I can see the direct debit has been set up via my Barclays online banking app. Have you checked your bank account? 
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  • md258md258 Forumite
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    Can you see the payment in your online banking? If not, don't worry as not all banks will show DDs until the first payment goes out.

    I'd say check it first thing tomorrow and if it hasn't gone out give them a ring and you will then qualify for the "I can't pay my mortgage" option
  • surreysaversurreysaver Forumite
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    What bank are you with? Some banks don't show a direct debit set up until its actually been taken for the first time.
    NatWest and RBS are examples of this. 
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  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    Have a look at the T&C's as that will say when your first payment will come out, they may not have had enough time between completion and tomorrow to set up the DD and it may be June.
  • davidmcndavidmcn Forumite
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    No matter how short-staffed they are, I doubt they'll forget to collect your payment.
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