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Gluten Free Money Saving?!

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Jlawson118Jlawson118 Forumite
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Since falling ill with Glandular Fever last June, it has severely attacked my immune system and one thing I'm still struggling with is my digestion. Frequent blood tests over the last few months have shown up I'm low on certain vitamins despite eating many of the particular fruits and vegetables that contain them. As well as my hair thinning, weight severely fluctuating and being absolutely exhausted all day everyday.

I've made the decision to go gluten free for a month or two and see if I begin to feel any better. I don't think I'm completely coeliac but think my body just needs a break. I once read an article that said even the healthiest of bodies can struggle with gluten.

But I'm starting to realise just how expensive gluten free alternatives are in the supermarkets! I'd heard before but it didn't really concern me until now. So far I've bought things like bread, spaghetti and other little bits like biscuits, all costing a fortune. I think the bread tastes nice but it's very dry  :s and the rest of products have tasted like normal brands.

Have we got any more gluten free savers on here? Where is the best place to get gluten free groceries from for fair prices? 


  • Old_LiferOld_Lifer Forumite
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    Take a look at  Coeliac uk   website
  • badger09badger09 Forumite
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    I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 1975. Back then, there was hardly anything specifically for Coeliacs (disgusting Rite Diet 'bread' which tasted like bath loofa, in a red tin, anyone?) so I learned to live without bread, pasta, biscuits etc and ready made sauces and meals. Availability is so much better now, but I've never found a cheap source.

    I do buy GF pasta, usually Tesco own brand £1.00 for 500g but due to lockdown, had to pay £1.55 in Co-op last week for same amount. Only very occasionally buy bread, I use rice cakes as substitute, and allow myself 2 GF bicuits on Saturdays & Sundays. Living the high life :D

    Honestly, the best advice I can give if you're wanting to avoid gluten, is to focus on naturally GF food - chicken, fish, meat, fruit, veg, salad, rice and potatoes. You can make dozens of different sauces based on tinned tomatoes, onion, garlic, different veg, tuna, herbs & spices etc etc. 

    Coeliac UK has lots of recipe ideas and I think they've just made their website available to non members during the current Corona Virus epidemic. If you can help them with a donation that would be great as they're struggling to keep going and they've been a huge help to Coeliacs & parents of Coeliacs over the years. (I don't work for them by the way!)
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    My daughter has been gf for a while now and at first i headed for the free from aisles however now i look at the labels on things as theres a lot of "normal" foods that are gf .
    some shops own range of sauces and frozen items are ok .

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