McDonald's car park penalty charges

Always go to the same McDonald's for a fast food treat with 2 toddlers, age 3 & 5. In December, 2019, husband got our 2 kids. Drove in and parked. Ordered meals and kids played in the play area. I joined them half way after Christmas shopping. I arrived  the McDonald's restaurant on foot. Ordered my own meal. With the slow and messy eaters. One still on nappy. U can guess how long it takes to get them clean and ready to go. The carpark management services, MET has sent me two charge notices for 2 occasions in December for exceeded the car park time limits. I made both appeals but got rejected. Wrote to their customers services team and explained there were 2 purchases on both occasions hence the extended time. Even wrote to CEO and they did not care.  Now facing £200 fine or go to court. Any advices would be appreciated. Thanks in advance x
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