MSE Poll: How much is in your current account TODAY?

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Poll started 4 February 2020
This week, we want a snapshot of your finances. So, a simple question – how much do you have, or how overdrawn are you, in your main current account?

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below.

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Thanks! :)



  • jasdevjasdev Forumite
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    This should be an interesting one, because, assuming the majority of respondents are honest in answering, (so far) there's a few too many answering that they have over £15,000 in their current accounts!
    It seems a bit illogical because for most they'd do better to put that money elsewhere (to earn interest or capital gains/dividends) and if they genuinely spend £15,000 or more every month, then they'd make a killing through American Express credit cards - and even then they'd only need to transfer money from savings to current accounts the day before the credit cards are due to be paid off!
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  • MX5huggyMX5huggy Forumite
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    Santander 123 currently pays 1.5% on up to £20k which while probably beatable, is it worth it?
  • DirdDird Forumite
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    The question is stupid; it should be all bank accounts including regular savers. I gave the total based on this because it's debatable which my main account should be between the one with most DDs, with my mortgage DD or the one I use for contactless payments but is always kept very low as poor interest
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    They say pensioners are skint. Doesn't look like it from this poll.
  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    As I have 3x current accounts, all for different purposes, I just added all my figures together to vote.
  • SealateSealate Forumite
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    The savvy ones use this site. Others, including those not so well off, probably don't
  • Molly_MulldoonMolly_Mulldoon Forumite
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    I have several current accounts to take advantage of interest rates, so I have added those totals together
  • woolythoughtswoolythoughts Forumite
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    £10,478.98 in one
    £476.96 in another
    £2K ish in another
  • wiseonesomeofthetimewiseonesomeofthetime Forumite
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    I used the current account that my salary goes into, hence why my value is so low.

    I have 7 current accounts, each fulfilling a different purpose, so, if many do the same as me, the poll is meaning less anyway.
  • harz99harz99 Forumite
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    The question should ask "How much is in your MAIN current account", which is what i suspect the point of the poll is, and really should be done again after Santander reduce their 123 benefits in May, because currently those of us with full 123 accounts will skew the results considerably.
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