Advice with dealing with Moorcroft Debt Recovery

Hello, I hope I have posted this in the right place
A few months ago I terminated my monthly mobile phone contract with 02. I had paid by Direct Debit so I was not surprised when I then heard nothing further from them and the payments stopped leaving my bank account and my number was cancelled.
A couple of weeks ago I received a pre-format letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery claiming that they were collecting an outstanding debt of £54 pounds owed to Telefonica (02). I sent Moorcroft a response asking for details of why they think I owe money and where the figure of £54 pounds had come from.
A week or so later I received a second pre-formated letter saying more or less the same as the first. I again responded with a letter asking for the information stated above.
Today I received a letter from Moorcroft simply stating

'As requsted a statement of account'
Administration Fee £6.74'

I am a little confused. Is this an additional fee they intend to try and add to my alleged debt or simply a much reduced offer? and why can they not send me the the basic account information I requested?

I've looked up Moorcroft on the internet and I suspected I am being scammed. Does anybody please have any advice on dealing with this company?

Thanks in advance


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