Fluttering parking ticket final notice charges ukcps

Hi all,
I’m hoping for some advice with a final notice letter from UKCPS, as it goes I received the original parking charge notice on my car on the 11th Dec 2019 the issue time is 9:54, I actually had a parking ticket which unfortunately at the time had to come off the dashboard bearing in mind it’s a flimsy piece of paper!
I appealed the ticket via email within a few days, they replied to my email via email stating that they will get back to me within 28 days this was on the 16th of December 2019 which was the last time I heard from them until I received a letter final notice letter a few days ago which was sent on the 17th of January (only just received as been away) The finance note the final notice letter states a balance due of £130 it says that the parking charge issue time was that 9:56 reason for issue without a valid pay and display ticket or prepay arrangement also says this charge has not been paid despite previous attempts to gain payment goes on to say payment is required within 14 days of the notice.

The original ticket issue time 9:54!
Supposed to get back to me within 28 days they took an extra 5!

I called them yesterday and they said it would be going to the debt collectors and court!

How do I stand in this situation £130 seems excessive!
Any advice would be much appreciated 🙃


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