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    May roundup time! I cannot believe it's June tomorrow! Time has just been flying during lockdown and it's hard to differentiate one day to the next. Generally I've had an OK time -- it could have been way worse, for certain. I count myself lucky in many ways.
    Money wise it's been a good month. I saved 60% of my salary in May - so down 6% on last month but still, I'm happy with that. It's been a spendy month in that I got a new mobile phone - my phone was old (5 y/o iPhone) so was on its last legs. That phone done me well and I feel like my upgrade deal was a good one too. So... not worried about the expense of it. My phone bill was previously £16/month but for the new handset / package it's up to £32. I'm happy with that. 
    One thing that was unfortunate - I had overtime planned for May (which I did) and only after it was told that the budget was not in place and I would need to take the time as TOIL. That was a bummer! Had I known that beforehand, I perhaps would have said no to overtime, haha. Anyway... I took some time off last week (including the TOIL day) and it was nice to have a break (even during these circumstances!) the weather here has been wonderful. 
    Other things... I've spent £134 on groceries this month which I'm happy with. In June I'd like this to be between £120-£125. I'm hopeful that I can achieve it! This month I spent money on clothes, even though it doesn't directly align with my goals. I have a few reasons: 1] I need tights for work and the company I buy them from (Snag) issued a request for support a few weeks ago in order to save the business. Although I don't need them right now (and probably won't for a long while yet!) I figured I'd buy them now anyway so ordered 3 pairs of those. 2] I bought a new hoodie in the Sainsburys sale (£8!) that I got for daily walks. It's really comfy and just what I needed. 3] I ordered some new headbands off a lady that hand makes them with vintage fabrics. They are lovely and I'm so happy with them!  So some money spent in this category this month for the first time since February. Not bad.
    Also this month - I opened up some Premium Bonds. I figured it couldn't hurt so intend to put a small amount into those each month. 
    Nothing else major to report budget wise. It's all going OK for now. 
    Hope everyone is safe and well... :)
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    well done Applewood.  It sounds as though you are doing well during lockdown.  Amazing % savings rate - I get nowhere near that percentage, however, based on my past history I celebrate saving anything.  Premium bonds are another good way of squirrelling money away.  Hope your June is good and you stay safe and well.  
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    Wow, mega late with this months update :(. Thanks for the comment @Blackcats - June was indeed a good month! In June, I saved 50.2% of my income which is a good rate considering in June I done more things and bought more things than in pretty much any other month between then and February. Some expenses that can't be avoided - contributing to work money pools for retirement and a new baby. Both nice things and I hate to be stingy so always contribute to these things (within my team!). Other similar spends - a friends birthday which included gift and alcohol for a socially distant small BBQ. It was great to be with friends and thankfully the weather was nice all day (rare in Scotland!) so we spent all day in the garden :). Seeing people again socially did feel odd but it turned out to be just what I needed. 

    Other expenses... a group of friends and I booked a few nights away in September - a staycation but it will be great. There will be no other travel this year - whereas every year I do try to get away - so looking forward to that. It was £200 for the accommodation so just need to budget for food / spending money. 

    Other things... still keeping on top of my budget and I have applied for a refund on my car insurance. I usually travel around 9000 miles per year but this year it's likely to less than half of that. Not heard anything back as yet, but I'm hopeful that it will bring down my premium! My premium went up this year (no accidents, no change of car) so getting a cut will be great. 

    Still keeping on top of my other goals - about a week ago I was SO close to going to Starbucks drive-thru because the weather was beautiful and I was craving a cold iced drink but I drove on past because I've got this far and didn't want to break my streak! Pleased with that. Food shopping and planning is still good and I'm enjoying refining what I buy and finding different things to make with certain ingredients. I've been (prematurely I guess) ordering some home ware items for the future house :| when I've seen good sales online and on eBay. I've not went overboard and it's only essential kitchen stuff so not too fussed about spending money getting prepared on that front. 

    Overall, savings are coming along well (even more so due to FT wfh, no commuting) so I should be well on my way to buying my own place by this time next year. I'm trying not to freak myself out by over researching and reading up on the economy, but still keen to continue with my original plan. 

    Going to wrap this up now.... I'll report back on what happens with the car insurance! :) Thanks for reading if you got this far! Stay safe.
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