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E: 23/01 10am Win Up To £3,000 (Comment)

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E: 23/01 10am Win Up To £3,000 (Comment)

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Tell them an amazing story.
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    Effort needed

    In the entry form Entrants must tell us an entertaining story. This must be based upon a true story, but specific information such as names and locations may be changed to protect the identity of people who may feature in it. There will be a maximum word limit of 300 characters.
    To select an entrant for on air, entries will be judged on the following criteria by the Breakfast show producer; that they are i) entertaining ii) humorous and iii) engaging.
    Any entries containing harmful, offensive or defamatory material will be removed from the Competition.
    For each competition round, one Entrant will be contacted via telephone to arrange a pre-recorded call with three Presenters. During the call with the Presenters, the Entrant will be given thirty seconds in which to tell their story, in a bid to receive a ‘Seal of approval’ from each of the Presenters.
    In order to win the ‘Seal of Approval’, Presenters will be judged on the same criteria as detailed in section 5. Presenters will not have any previous knowledge of the story that the Entrants will read out on air and the decision to give their Seal of Approval will be completely independent. Their approval will be signaled by a buzzer sound effect.
    Only details of the story given during the thirty-second time limit will be considered by the Presenters. There will be a countdown timer to signal to the entrant how long they have to explain their story.
    One Seal of Approval from one presenter will win the Entrant £1,000, two Seals of Approval from two presenters will win them £2,000 and three Seals of Approval from all three presenters will win them £3,000.
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    Send your entry before 10:00am on Thursday 23rd Jan 2020
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    Thanks for sharing.

    Does anyone have any experience of entering radio competitions like this when you're not in the country for when they call you? I'm not in the UK the week they make calls and there's no roaming where I am, so my UK number doesn't work here. I put in my local number with the country code but doubt they would ring a non-UK number. The T&Cs don't say anything about a UK number. Any ideas?

    I have a great story too!
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