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Who does two jobs?

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pickledonionspaceraiderpickledonionspaceraider Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Boost Your Income
Hi there

Does anyone do two jobs, one main job and one part time?

How does it work for you?
With love, POSR <3


  • frugalandsavefrugalandsave Forumite
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    I have a full time job 40-45 hrs a week with some occasional travel. I used to have a set part time job (15 hrs) in the evenings to supplement my savings for a wedding we had about 4 years ago. I did that for about a year, it was fairly tiring but worth it. It helped me to save some money for first home, pay down debts i had, and pay towards wedding and honeymoon. But i was in the 20 % tax bracket then and still remained under that having the part time job.

    For the last few months i did some online jobs for Appen, like rating adverts and the like and that was like 5 hrs a week. Nice and easy and from the comfort from my home. So this is flexible, although the project i did is now closed. Now i do some more Swagbucks until i get another Project with Appen.

    I thought about a a part time job, but i have now the nice problem of it pushing me into the higher tax bracket, so i dont bother to much. I monitor it and if it does with the little projects i have, then i increase my work pension contribution. Also i dont want to work an additional 15 hrs a week away from home, as its not just me anymore. I prefer spending some more time with the wife.

    To supplement a bit more, we do some bank switches a year and collect some additional points with other credit card companies.
  • pickledonionspaceraiderpickledonionspaceraider Forumite
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    Thanks for responding. I either need to take on a second income or I need to get one better paid job

    Problem is, although I wish I earned more, I really like my full time job. So I don't really know

    I need to sort my head out
    With love, POSR <3
  • Willing2LearnWilling2Learn Forumite
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    I used to hold down three jobs, working from 0600-2000 each day. It was only possible to do this for about 9 months before I became 'burnt out'. I was exhausted all the time. It helped me get to grips with my debt though...a good temporary it was beneficial overall. :)
    I work within the voluntary sector, supporting vulnerable people to rebuild their lives.

    I love my job

  • Have you asked for overtime?
  • Loanranger21Loanranger21 Forumite
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    I used to have a full time professional job and a part time 20 hour a week in a call centre. I needed to do this because I lived alone with a mortgage rate of about 14 per cent. I t was hard but doable. Alternative was to sell my car or my body!. No one would have wanted either so I got the second job and worked 58 hours a week. An unintended consequence was that I had no time to spend any money nor go out much.
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  • pepitapepita Forumite
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    I have held 1 full time and a part time in Sainsburys. It was nice as I had the 10% stuff discount, did the shopping when my shifts finished and allow to pay up all my credit card debt. Once i got a job promotion on my main job and went to next tax bracket, it just didn't make any more sense.
    I sometimes think myself that I should have kept the Sainsburysjob, but after 18 months working 60 hours a week, you will feel the consequences: always tired, grumpy and not living.
    But, If in the future I need it for financial reasons, I wouldn't hesitate to have 2 jobs again.
    Just make sure tax man doesn't keep most of your 2nd job hard earned money!
  • pickledonionspaceraiderpickledonionspaceraider Forumite
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    Have you asked for overtime?

    There won't be any point (not for profit)
    With love, POSR <3
  • OratorOrator Forumite
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    I have always supplemented my income, mainy because as a hairdresser in training our allowance was so low. Now after 20 years I have changed my work life so that I have more time working at home which is cheaper within a second career which will become more lucrative over time.
    The trick to increasing income is working out your current situation, what you're trying to change and how long for.

    If you're a young single cub with all the energy in the world pubs, bars and restaurants which are interactive and social are great, along with the tips that should flow (always check the tip situation, some companies are great, some appalling) Unless you have to pay for cabs home or expensive food out to sustain you, then it tends not to be viable. ( or they pay you until 11.30 but you work until 12.30)

    If you're in a relationship and working towards a particular goal together- pay off debt, save for a house deposit etc then work with them to find a good solution, including time off to spend together. Could you both find night work at a supermarket and share the hardships and travel? Can one of you find an additional outside job and the other work at home and do more home cooking?

    If you have a family at home you're a bit more stuck, especially if child care could be problematic. A client of mine can audio type well so she used to take all recorded meeting notes home and type them out at night. Fairly lucrative considering there were no costs.

    Do you have any particular skill or interest that is in demand- typing, child care, fixing washing machines, dog walking, shopping for the housebound?
    What time do you have available and how often? How reliable can you be?

    A friend of mine does security type work for marches and demostrations- she's not a bouncer more a steward. A 16 hour working day bags her near £200 quid with just a return fare to central London and a packed lunch to fork out. Not every weekend but even once a month is good. She can also steward exhibitions at Excel or Olympia too.

    If you have the option of flexible working can you condense your main job hours to say 4 days then do more on the remaining 3? Could then give 2 additional work days and a full day off to rest.

    The point is work out what you have an abundance of, and what others lack. Then work out pragmatic costings- we all have to eat but being able to plan and prepare yourself will almost always be cheaper and more nutritional.
    Then decide how much time you can allocate and for how long. Then if you can go hard with the hours worked- 1 journey costs for 10 hours money is worth more to you than 5 journeys for 2 hours money. If you're working a Saturday can you add the Sunday and have an early night Monday? And costs include dead time as well as expenses or having to tell everyone you're always working when they invite you to something and then explain no you can't change your hours....

    Good luck!
  • ginger_chocolateginger_chocolate Forumite
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    For a while I had a full time job to cover my day-to-day living expenses, plus took on freelance work on the side to earn my "fun money". I find it more do-able to have a second job as a freelance or casual gig as it's easier to fit it around your other commitments and it's slightly easier to say no to things that are just too much (although you still have to be professional and not flaky about it).

    I'd recommend if your main job is full time you try and find a second job that you really enjoy, or that builds skills you can use to progress in future. Another option is something you can do at the same time as something else: like cycle couriers who get in their workout at the same time as earning money, or people who fold leaflets in front of their favourite TV show.

    . If you're in a really tight spot you can slog it out doing something mundane for extra cash for a few weeks or even months, but any longer than that and the lost quality of life just isn't worth the extra money - you'd be better off cutting expenses. Despite what some people seem to think, humans aren't built to work all the hours god sends.
  • wifeforlifewifeforlife Forumite
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    I work fulltime 9-5 Mon-Fri, I have a 0hr contract too and work 18 hrs on weekends and sometimes 4.5 hrs evening shift during the week. I've a DH & 2 older children and I can honestly say its exhausting. I was doing it to clear debt but it was breaking me physically & emotionally and our family unit. I managed it for 1 year and this is my first weekend off. 
    Consider your circumstances before deciding, also keep in mind, time is the one thing in life we can't get back
    HTH Cate

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