Second post, first the car then the mortgage

Hi All,
Second post I thought I would give you an update, It has been a while since my first post and I wanted to share where I am at. I have until Aprill 2022 to save 1) Pay off the car and 2) mission to save £10,000 to pay off some of my mortgage they are my new plans as I had to get a new car, however I was very savvy I shopped around and got a bargain and now I have £3800 to pay off of a 0% balance transfer and then the £10,000 to save, with savings I have so far £2000 by the end of the year, I am part way there. It will probably be May before I can pay off the car, then I can see my money grow towards the £10,000. If I do reach the target I would of Knocked my Mortgage from £50,000 as at April 2022 to £40,000, which would be an achievement. Wish Me luck.

Bye for now.:o
Mortgage start date 11.04.2017 £59,678.39
Mortgage end date: 12.04.2052
Term: 35 years
Mortgage current amount: £49292.46
Difference (paid) through fixed rate repay and overpayments: £10385.93
Credit card debt: £1253
Emergency Fund: £0.00
Goal: Overpay £150
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