Bathroom Shower Replacement Flow Diverters

In 2015 we had a new bathroom fitted.
The installer is no longer in business and did not supply us with any paperwork regards the items he installed. It is only now - or for the last 6 months or so - that this has become a real issue.
Our shower started dripping so I took out the rainshower/handheld head flow diverter and tried to get a replacement. Long gone are the simple days or replacing a washer, but this was in effect the same sort of thing I was about to attempt to do. (I installed a cheap temporary unit as we wanted our fancy shower back asap).

Having removed the diverter I tried many warehouses such as Graham's to find a replacement. No one had seen anything like it. I have since established that the shower came from Wickes - a friend's shower looked similar and they removed their diverter that was identical to ours. So I contacted Wickes to ask where I could get a replacement diverter. I have just received an emails to say that the showers are manufactured in China and they do not have the details of the manufacturer to allow me to purchase a replacement diverter. So it would seem that once you have a own brand product from Wickes and it fails then your only option is to purchase a new product. I just think that is terrible and something that others should know.

If I had the paperwork then perhaps Wickes would have replaced the shower under warranty, but that really doesn't excuse them in my opinion. Are we expected to purchase a new shower every 5 years?
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